Just a short walk northwards from Brandons Beach lies Brighton beach, situation behind the drain of a distillery this lagoon like beach is a local favourite.

The water here looks beautiful; it's only surrounding scenery that lets the beach down.With a rum distillery and an electrical plant in close proximity and a shipping port in the distance, this beach may not be the paradise you're looking for.

The locals love to bathe in the warm waters here or hotpot as they call it, but I'm not sure it's recommended for tourists.Still they seem to enjoy it and believe that the water is good for them, even though it comes straight out from one of the plants.

Would I recommend this beach for families? Not really as there's no shower or changing facilities, best head to Brandons. But if you're a traveller like me and wanted to learn more about local life then stop here and have a chat to the locals. A beach of two halves, industrial and beautiful at the same time.