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Beaches of Barbados - Long Beach Information

Long Beach

Barbados is pretty built up you know and this is actually one of the last - one of the few kind of - deserted big beaches with dunes, you know can get lost around here.  This is an exciting beach in a lot of waves, because you've got waves, you've got wildlife, both human and other.

Kiting at Long Beach is good action, you know the waves are tight to the beach, so you get some real fast turns, different than other places where you get long turns, it's all tight and fast, a lot of heavy lips, so you get in some smacking lips, aerials, if you're doing jumps you're close to the beach.So it's just more like kind of arena style kiting that's fun.

The eastern side of the beach is actually better for beginners because it's long and there's not much rocks around, you still have to worry about the shore break when it's big, when it's not big no problem.  This end is much more treacherous because of the rock, because that rock is like a magnet.  So you do - actually when you're riding the wave you're like going straight to the rock.

You know that keeps everything peaceful and tame, you know you don't see crowds in the corner which is good thing.