Pal Bay

Pal Bay is not officially on the map but it's one of those I had to include.If you're driving north on the Spring Highway then it's the next turning after Brighton Beach.  You arrive at the very small fishing beach, old beaten up boats and catamarans lie on the sand, but it's the colours and the character of the place which fascinated me.

Old boats, bits of wood, rope, chairs and even a TV, it's a photographer's paradise. I went early in the morning, just before rush hour, and you're greeted with beautiful sunlight.

All the beaches in Barbados are beautiful in their own way, but this beach had a whole different look and feel. Plus it was great to meet the fishermen and just sit and just swap stories.

It may not be a beach for everyone, but this was one of my favourites, real people, great vibe and well worth a stop.